Hybrid Applications Course

On May 26 and June 2017, at the Vobarno branch of our Institute, students of the fourth and fifth quarters of the Computer and Telecommunication Course will attend an 8-hour course on Hybrid Applications, conducted in collaboration with XEOS. It Informatics of Roncadelle (BS).

Hybrid applications are applications written in a cross-platform language (generally Javascript + HTML5) such as web apps, but they can be encapsulated via Web View in the native language of a certain platform. The course will be held by our former student Bottelli Ismaele, now employee of XEOS.it.

This is not the first time that the Institute and the company XEOS.it collaborate. Also last academic year was held a course on Android programming in the previous fourth class, a collaboration that saw working together and alternatively another XEOS staff and the professor of the course Prof.ssa Claudia Prati.

This collaboration is very profitable: for students it is useful to feel how companies speak the same language used during lectures by their teachers (who buy value); For teachers this is an update on the new programming technologies used in the company that will affect the classroom settings that will take place in the classroom; For the company, always looking for enthusiastic and courageous kids, is a way to support Technical Institutes by bringing young people and teachers to the world of work by providing their resources and expertise.

A beautiful demonstration that by combining personal qualities, dedication, commitment and professionalism, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

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