X.Pilot – Monitoring tool dedicated practitioners to motor sports. The system, based on RESCO® technologies detects and analyzes the data of the pilot when driving.


The instrument, already recommended and chosen by different teams of racing (F1 world, DTM, BOSS GP), takes the information generated by the heart and processes them to obtain information on the electrocardiogram, heart rate variability, and RR.

The system detects, using bioimpedance, the breathing data and combines the information vital data related to the acceleration values at which the driver is subject. X.Pilot, offers a teleservice system able to prevent and predict the onset of critical situations during driving.



Heart rate and RR variability

Respiratory data


X.Pilot collabora con i principali centri di ricerca medica sportiva nel settore, al fine di offrire un sistema innovativo di allenamento dei piloti, mirato al miglioramento delle loro performance in gara.