Xeos: A software house with innovative talent’s professionals have developed innovative and ambitious projects for the health and financial sectors since 2013, which have gained them client satisfaction and international recognition is a software house located in Brescia, strongly oriented towards innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence and talent. The company was ideated, aspired for, and set up by Franco Boldi in 2013. The company structure was later reinforced by the arrival of Nicola Romito who appreciated Boldi’s human and professional characteristics, and who fully shared his entrepreneurial project and future vision. A company and social future, where can play a significant role. is above all a company of IT experts whose mission is to design, develop and build highly innovative ICT solutions for the financial sector (banks, companies and institutions), health and sport.’s research and development activities, alongside its continuous improvement begin with its selection of talented youths who have an enormous passion for IT: selected for their characteristics and supported in their professional development with intensive training courses. thrives on talent, but most of all on the old-fashioned values on which client/provider relationships are built. Respect, correctness, straightforwardness, collaboration and proactivity flourish in a positive and serene company environment. These values go beyond the company walls, reaching every client where our professionals are at work.

Despite its specialisation in products and services for the financial sector (core, infrastructure, and compliance), has invested in telemedicine over these last two years, initially concentrating on developing a non-invasive system capable of monitoring a person’s vital parameters: moving from detecting biometric data to complete analyses using complex algorithms to prevent and predict diseases. Remote monitoring is the latest challenge for to improve a person’s quality of life, reduce public health expenditure, and above all save human lives.

Dynamic Approach: A Solve problems, manage large complexities rendering them extremely simple for users and operators, develop projects that can change the way things are done, and improve the quality of life. has cornered an important piece of the Italian market, and with telemedicine its success has pushed it across national boundaries, obtaining recognition from the EU, both in terms of the EU programme Horizon 2020 for sustaining research and innovation, as well as its nomination as Italian champion in the European Business Awards 2015, a competition of international recognition, seen as a showcase of excellence for the most dynamic and innovative Europeans companies.

An agile method: besides their work, our 80+ professionals are characterised by speed, efficacy and efficiency. Despite being a new company Xeos has achieved some important results both nationally and on a European level, including:
 Frim Financing (Lombardy Region)

 Recognition as national champion for the category of research and innovation in the european business awards

 Entrance to Phase 2 of the Horizon 2020 Tender (Research and Innovation), currently awaiting results


Banking Taxation System / Banking Retail