X.Cassette – It enables the management of security deposit boxes at the Credit Institutions, namely the provision of custodial services, thereby giving banks the opportunity to provide its customers a space fitted with a lockable door which it is guaranteed integrità.Consente delivery of housing services offered by banks.


The Institute has its own customer a compartment equipped with locking door, which is the “Safe”, which is guaranteed the absolute integrity. The service allows the Customer to storing values, documents or valuable objects with high privacy and, at the same time, with a high degree of safety. The application architecture is that it can be integrated with other internal solutions to the information system of the Institute, with particular reference, for example, to the Audit management and of the Logging, the print production and the storage of same.
The solution with all the functionality of the Safety Boxes Management, allows you to define various types of compartments.

Cassette – inserted in a cabinet whose characteristics are:

  • Format, code that differentiates the tapes of the same size or volume.
  • Location is the physical place where the cassettes (cabinet are handled, vaults).

The application allows you to manage multiple cabinets to branch, so the cassette is uniquely identified by the pair cabinet / box.
Envelopes (stores closed) to each packet is assigned a sequential number per school, the distinctive features are:

  • Size, internal code that identifies the codes to accept. For the format without volume becomes mandatory to call upon opening.
  • Volume is the place where the tapes are managed (cabinet, vault).

Custodia capi -same features of the packages, but the management is entrusted to those branches fitted with the areas provided with controlled temperature. The branch that provides this service may conduct both the opening contract accesses, while the other branches can only perform opening contract. automatic control equipment of the boxes are connected through services that allow you to incorporate real-time information relating to the movements in question. The operation of such equipment is disengaged from the Xeos solution.