Comunica -The solution is delegated to the Tax Office of the communication process management when it requests information on a Big Contributor, and provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic reading of the PEC box
  • Display list requests and deadlines
  • Search by Request Filtering
  • Print list of requests
  • Management Response to the request
  • Diagnostic Management received by the Revenue.


Parallel Notify also provides for the management of the communication process towards AoE when the initiative is taken by the Great Taxpayer; various features are provided:

  • Fill in the fields and file creation request
  • formal control of the data and validation of the request file using the appropriate XSD schema
  • digital signature of the request file
  • Handling attachments to be sent with the request (DOC, RTF, XLS, TXT, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, TIFF, P7M) and control maximum size
  • Print list of requests
  • Automatic sending by PEC
  • Diagnostic Management received by the Revenue
  • results display, anomalies, etc..
  • Error Correction
  • Re-submission response.

It ‘also provided for the management of the PEC addresses by means of the following functions:

  • Communication new address
  • changes communication to address previously communicated
  • Address cancellation notice
  • by address termination notice

Finally the solution also includes a set of features that enable effective management of the application:

  • Control panel for managing credentials for the PEC
  • Managing User Profiles
  • System AuditLog (access to the application, creating and editing requests and answers, electronic signature, sending answers and send requests) with user storage, datetime and activity
  • Diagnostic connection to the PEC box.

The Xeos solution. It is equipped with an authentication system and user profiling which ensures the customization of the mode of use of the product; Moreover, for electronic signature, provided in the communication process, they are supported Smartcard and USB Token Infocert and Actalis.