Genox – The solution is, in effect, to a Dataentry, with automated search, for the management of notifications relating to Criminal Investigation received the Institute of Credit by various judicial authorities: Police, Police, Police Headquarters, Police, Section Judicial police (PG) – police, Judicial police Section (PG) – Public Safety, Section Judicial police (PG) – Guardia di Finanza, the Prefectures Technical Consultants.


The web interface allows Users of the Institute of credit management and access to the Notification Database, you can manage your single request received as well as those received previously; can they manage the most significant data and the “state of processing” of each notification and registration of the new notification to allow nell’Anagrafe search Customer System registration data of the subject investigated. The web interface also allows the User to change the data in the database of notifications as well as to make you functional Inquiry to specific information requests.