AdR – The application processes biographic information coming both from the departmental mainframe environment. The process of monthly reporting to AoE, overall, is divided into the following main stages:

  • Phase departmental ante-host;
  • Host phase;
  • Phase departmental post-host;
  • Phase departmental reporting.


The stage is divided into the following departmental computing components:
Carico Esiti – Processing outcome flows from AdE reports and loading results reports on the Reports Database Registry.
Caricatore – Allows the loading of all personal flows, in detail, are:

  • Reports from the General Registry, the Extraconto and all corrections via WEB
  • Reported correct records via WEB, but who have not been modified since then Registry would still be incorrect
  • PATRBP01 waste and scrap PATRBP02
  • Flow containing the association between NDG and the agency serving you.

Estrattore Corretti – Extraction of recorded records as corrected by the user via WEB. 2 streams are produced: “correct personal outcomes” and “correct other outcomes”.
Extraconto – Extraction of records relating to Extraconto operation that must be reported to AoE.
Extractor – Preparation of reporting streams to be sent to AoE with reference to Entratel controller for prior approval to the compilation of the flow.
ExtractorTemp – Creation of temporary streams that simulate sending to AdE to perform the appropriate inspections and ask the appropriate corrections to the sectional origin.
Quadratore – Preparation of streams to be sent to the Dashboard to monitor the processing carried out and to check for inconsistencies in data uploads.

Fase dipartimentale ante-HOST Step on a daily basis and articulated as follows:

  • Xara.CaricaEsiti – charger outcomes from AdE
  • Xara.Extraconto – Extract from the Tax Db reports about extra operations account
  • Xara.EstrattoreCorretti – extracts Reports Register of the corrections made through the application WEB.

Fase HOST Programs HOST Customer’s system.

Fase dipartimentale post-HOST The phase has a daily basis and consists of the following modules:

  • Xara.Caricatore – data loader of Population Reports
  • LoaderFiliali – Charger branch stream from HOST
  • Xara.ExtractorTemp – Temporary extraction flows
  • Xara.Quadratore – creating streams for the quadrature of the daily processing and shipment of the streams created at HOST, if the parameter is active

Fase dipartimentale segnalazioni The stage has a monthly basis and consists of the following modules:

  • Xara.Extractor -final extracting files to be sent to AdE
  • Xara.Quadratore – Creation of flows for the verification of the monthly stage elaborate and shipping flows created at HOST, if the parameter is active.