S&M – The application includes a suite of batch applications and a web application for viewing Outcomes.
The suite of batch components manages the archive power ‘Balances and Movements’, the extraction of the output streams to be reported annually to A.d.E. in “single path”, the acquisition of Outcomes sent by the Agency and its update of the data base with the received Outcomes.
The Web component allows viewing of Outcomes returned by A.d.E. (Delivery, diagnostics, processing) and provides a breakdown of any data sent from Failure A.d.E .; It is not provided for direct editing of incorrect data. The application uses as the only data interchange system with A.d.E. File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


Caricatore: The phase computing “brand” as incorrect (with appropriate error codes) all reports in the feed stream and not present in the Reports Registry or present but with different data (eg. Opening Date Ratio or NDG). It is also given evidence of transactions present in the Population Reports, subject to reporting, but not present in fueling flows. The stage is parametric and beyond Year of reporting you can specify whether to consider the Warning errors as blockers or whether to proceed with the loading and subsequent signaling.

Estrattore temporaneo: Create a flow with the same logic that is used later by the final process to enable a preliminary examination of movements that will be reported to A.d.E .. control using the software provided by A.d.E. Carried for formal verification of the flow.

Estrattore definitivo: predisposes the flows that will be sent to A.d.E .. While processing a check is made using the software provided by A.d.E. for the formal verification of flows before sending actual thereof.

Invio: before sending the flows are verified, compressed, encrypted and finally signed to ensure the correctness of the data. These measures are conducted by calling the appropriate application software supplied by A.d.E.

Switch / Fusione – The solution provides for the preparation of Sales & Movements even in the face of reports that were subject to switch / mergers over the life of the subject of reporting, and for which specific behaviors should be adopted in order to provide all records of competence to AdE .
The events that may occur and that, consequently, are managed are the following:

  • Switch intra-bank
  • Switch intra-group
  • Mergers for incorporation.