XRF – Allows the storage, control and analysis of information necessary to the preparation of the Reports to the Tax Revenue Agency and / or to the Supervisory Authority.


The information is obtained from:

  • Sectional applications owned by the Institute
  • Xeos suite of application solutions.

The solution represents the only data basis for the functions of

  • Monitoring
  • Data quality
  • Quadrature flow
  • Message Generator
  • Statistical engines
  • Reporting
  • Outcomes management

X.RF is fed through a single path and, as a result of the validation process, you may encounter the following scenarios:

  • Validated data – populating the database XRF
  • Data Not Validated – Reporting to owner of Ledger feeding.

In this phase all the screening tests are performed in order not to waste resources on subsequent computing steps.
The solution includes the development of a user dashboard that allows you to view and control both occurred feeds both the management of flows in the face of any discounts.
The component called “normalizer” allows performing the following steps:

  • Data conversion with encodings and features required by different types of signaling
  • Development of all the Single Message.

This component makes the flexible solution to future regulatory developments.