X.Basket –System for the basketball player performances monitoring, based on RESCO® technology.


Through the use of specific mobile application and web portal, the system is able to offer in real time to sports clinician data related the player’s life parameter in order to perform complex analysis for the training personalization.

The monitoring system allows the execution of analysis in order to understand the recovery time, and information of imprinted forces in specific movement,
Il monitoraggio eseguito con X.Basket consente di effettuare analisi atte a stabilire i tempi di recupero di una persona, la comparsa di lattato nonché informazioni più specifiche quali forze impresse in specifici movimenti, ability to jump and sprinting, fatigue levels.


Recovery Time

Appearance Lactate

Imprinted Forces

Levels of Fatigue

The system was presented at the highest Italian league teams and currently are consolidating the test protocols.