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Strategy and Organization

Xeos constantly and coherently develops and trains its human assets: Xeos’ professionals are prepared to carry out their work at top level and to interact correctly with clients, especially when they are working on-site. Its staff is characterised by flexibility and reliability.

Consultancy and Support

Xeos supports its clients in producing innovative ICT projects: from listening to their problems and specific needs to pursuing optimal solutions, developing highly specialised software and applications, as well as managing their updates. Xeos guarantees constant continuous assistance and training.

Company Solutions

Xeos’ software products are just some examples of modularised tangible projects that can be applied to other situations. Each product was created to meet a specific need. Xeos transforms problems into solutions and – whenever possible – it commercialises these solutions so that other companies can also benefit from them..

It is called Xeos. It’s made up of IT experts.

Intelligent, passionate and courageous people work there. There are young researchers driven by ancient values: Honesty, Loyalty, Transparency, Reliability, Trust. Professionals who strive for excellence work there; a group of people who first and foremost think about carrying out their duties.

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Xeos: A software house with innovative talent
Xeos.it’s professionals have developed innovative and ambitious projects for the health and financial sectors since 2013, which have gained them client satisfaction and international recognition



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