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About Us

We are a young company from Brescia with great experience in the IT sector and strongly oriented towards problem solving.

We like to present ourselves as great innovators and attentive to customer needs. We need to make what isn’t easy.

For 10 years we have been working in the field of research and development of solutions related to the domain of remote monitoring of vital parameters, this declined in different development contexts.

In our background we boast 3 product lines.

  1. RESCO – the vital parameters monitoring system through the use of wearable technologies.
  2. BRAIN GYM – the psychophysical training system for the objective optimization of performance
  3. KIN AI – innovative system for monitoring and preventing injuries

For us, monitoring is a tool that can be applied horizontally to different areas of development, ranging from the medical field to the sporting one to the organizational one.

We tend to work using an agile approach to problem solving, applying Machine Learning and artificial intelligence techniques when possible.

Empowering the Athletic World
with Advanced Telemedicine


Via Enzo Ferrari, 16/18
25030 Roncadelle BS


Centralino : +39 030 373 2579
Mobile: +39 349 260 2175
Fax : +39 030 373 2579



Lunedì – Venerdì : 9:00 – 18:00
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